Just Can’t Wait to Get On the Road Again

I think it’s fair to start out this first blog by disclosing We have never written a blog before, and this is our first road trip we’ve attempted in our new RV. Our plan is to travel from our home in Carlsbad, California, East to Michigan, North through the Upper Peninsula, then head back West towards home, hitting 18 states, and never traveling the same road twice. Today, we are two weeks into our trip and are right on schedule. We want to share experiences, observations, frustrations, surprises and lessons we’ve learned along the way. And Marty’s perspectives and challenges (as the one and only driver), will surely be different from mine, the lucky passenger.

For those of you that know us , we have “Nomad” souls and love to adventure. However, most of our adventures so far have involved planes, boats and water. Currently, our mode of transportation on this trip is a Tiffin Class A Diesel pusher and her name is Betsy. She comes with an air suspension ride, “in motion” satellite television and all the conveniences of home (except a dishwasher haha).

Traveling along with us (and our favorite reason to be traveling on land) is our 6 year old miniature Labradoodle, Zac., who is often the subject of our best pictures! To be honest, he was one of my biggest worries contemplating our long travel days, but he has adapted like a champ…laying in between the two of us when we are in motion, and takes care of his “business “ at any rest stop, gas station, or Wal Mart swiftly. Almost running back to the RV remarkably realizing it is his house and may start moving again at any time.

Well, there you have it… our first blog!  Thanks for visiting, and we hope you will check our site often to keep up on the latest “Mr and Mrs Smith adventures”!

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