Beers with “Big Owl”

Leaving Abbi and Iowa was sad, but with our packed fun filled agenda, we had to saddle up ole “Betsy” (or motorhome has a name now! Haha) and head towards Michigan.  Illinois was basically a drive thru state trying to quickly pass around Chicago without any bullets through the windshield. 😳 Successfully, we found ourselves waving to Notre Dame in Indiana, and had the shores of Lake Michigan within our sights.  A couple nights spent at “the Havens”…a campground on the lake, boats in the marina, and of course the famous” Kilwin’s fudge and ice cream shop” …a sure sign we had made it to Michigan!  Time to slow down, enjoy the tiny quaint towns, our “home away from home” and run the air conditioners 24/7.  Definitely feeling the Midwest summer weather and humidity-yet the campground was filled with people enjoying their campfires-a head scratcher for us Californians!🤔.

With our batteries recharged after a couple days of meandering, it was time to embark on family festivities!  We headed to  Saginaw, Michigan. most eastern part of our journey, to meet up with our favorite WWII veteran, Grandpa Trybulski, better known as “Big Owl”.☺️.  Had the most wonderful lunch with the 102 year old, reminiscing about old times, the grandkids, great-great grandkids, and the war.  All while drinking cold Budweiser’s at Applebee’s, Grandpa’s  choice🥳 It was so hood to see him, he is doing great-uses a cane a little and is so “with it”!  He says his secret is to never stop moving. A philosophy we have obviously taken to heart, in an effort to reverse our age haha.

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