”Up North” Reunions

Headed “Up North”(as the locals call it) to Traverse City-the gateway to our Northern Michigan summer playground for the next week.  Scored a great spot in Traverse Bay RV Resort, where many RVers spend their entire summer!  The weather forecast showed thunderstorms for 4 days straight, but having grown up in Michigan, there’s a local saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan-just wait a minute”…and once again, this saying held true.

Met up with our local traverse family (Aunt Pauly and the McCormicks) for brunch, drinks and pool time, and were lucky enough to catch up with cousins from downstate(the Whitteberrys) for a mini “family reunion” picnic at the park.  Shared many memories and laughs and got to meet the newest member of the family, Rosie!  Went real estate shopping in Lake Charlevoix and Petoskey possibly contemplating a Florida replacement. 🤔

On Saturday, we went wine tasting and bar hopping with 3 of our favorite cousins, Todd, Stephanie and Pam. It was just like old times, thunderstorms and all!  We got a chance to share a great lunch and shopping  in Charlevoix-on the water with Todd and Steph and rounded out the night with pizza and sad goodbyes at the pool with Pam, Mackenzie and Aunt Pauline.  The time is never long enough and goes way too fast.  We made promises to try to come back before the winter hits.


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